Julian Lamadrid – Cigarette

Julian Lamadrid – Cigarette

“If you wanna run, we can have a race”

A great thing about becoming a fan of an artist, is not only witnessing their music but also their rise. Being able to get a front row seat as their career takes off, as well as witnessing their musical growth always makes being a fan that much more fun, and Julian Lamadrid keeps getting bigger and better with his latest release “Cigarette”.

Julian Lamadrid is where creativity and mass appeal meet with his latest record “Cigarette”. Julian always delivers incredible song writing with his latest release being a shining example of that. The production is big and vocals carry the song as he delivers a smash that you can hear traveling all over the world.

Julian Lamadrid’s “Cigarette” is an incredible record that was meant to be heard all over the world. It all clicks as he gives a master class of artistry from amazing production, superb songwriting, and the right vocal performance that makes an esciting record to take in for a long time.

Check out Julian Lamadrid “Cigarette” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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