Gwopped Up $peedy takes us behind his new project “Against All Odds”

Gwopped Up $peedy takes us behind his new project “Against All Odds”

When picking out Top Five Artist to Look to Forward to in 2020, we knew we had to pick artists that were special and sure to make an impact. Gwopped Up $peedy is making us look like geniuses with that pick. With his latest release “Against All Odds” he makes a modern day Hip Hop masterpiece, filled with gems, swagger, and hits to light the streets up. Gwopped Up $peedy was gracious enough to take time to break down his latest release for us. Below is the interview.

How have things been going for you so far in 2020?
Happy New Years Boss. So far so great man it’s just a blessing to be alive. Especially after losing my nigga Tuff Tone right in the beginning of the year and than my fav basketball player Kobe Bryant which shook the world as we both know. I just wake up thankful and grateful every day and try to live in the present moment. Taking it one day at a time God is great. 

How did you come up with the name of the project “Against All Odds”
My bro Jada a few years ago knew I was looking for a title name at the time, and he knows I’m a big 2pac fan. He suggested that I call it “Me Against The World” but I was like nah.. I would never mess with a classic title that already had been done especially by Pac. While listening to the Makaveli album the title track “Against All Odds” came on and I love the hook to that song than that’s when it hit me. Than the title just relates to everything, especially if you come from the struggle. We all have odds and obstacles we have to overcome. That was pretty much the motivation behind it. 

What were some of the influences for “Against All Odds” and how did you incorporate that into the music?
Most of my influences for the project came from classic hip hop artists like Master P, Cash Money, some NY Flava, Dayton Family, etc. I love funky shit with hella bass. My creative juices get to flowing when I hear that type of production. Reminds me of the G shit I grew up on. 

The project had some great features that added value on “Get Off”. How did you pick the features?
Me and Sosa Benzo used to be managed by the same person. I knew he would go crazy and bring the right energy. That’s our first track together, when he sent it back I knew that bitch was gone have ppl talking about it. Than my engineer R3play is the one who recorded the track for me, he goes nuts too especially with the auto tune. I knew he could bring something different to it so I told him to hop on it. It was only right. Video to that definitely coming soon. That’s one of the main songs I’ve been getting feedback about since the project dropped. 

What was your favorite part of creating “Against All Odds”
My favorite part was getting it done. Man I put so much focus, and a little too much overthinking at times into this joint. Honestly, some of the main tracks ppl love so much right now is songs I was considering leaving off. I be wanting shit to be so perfect because I always want the next project to be better than the last. I did have fun recording it though, definitely my best one yet so far. 

Did you run into any challenges creating this project? If so how did you over come them?
I really had no challenges with this project. If anything I got in my own way at times. Creating is the easy part, the hard part is getting the world to hear it. But I’m down for that challenge. 

How do you think people will look back on this project years from now?
People will look back and say that’s the project that made them realize I wasn’t going anywhere no time soon. Majority of the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been amazing. The main thing people saying is they are impressed with my growth on here. From my delivery to the clarity of my words to my subject matter. It will be considered a classic. 

What’s next for Gwopped Up $peedy? 

Dropping these videos, getting this music in everybody ears all over the world, building my team up, and I got a few things up my sleeve I can’t tell right now but definitely will show.

Check out Gwopped Up $peedy “Against  All Odds” and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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