Nina Raquel – 6yrs

Nina Raquel – 6yrs

“What does it say to you”

A plethora of R&B songs are released every week, but a major factor most releases are missing is soul. That thing that connects to you and makes you a lifetime fan of their work. That factor is essential to truly be a great and not everyone has it, but Nina Raquel has it with her new song “6yrs”.

Nina Raquel has a modern day R&B masterpiece on her hands with the new song “6yrs”. The production sets the tone well, for Nina’s amazing vocals to go to work. She delivers the lyrics brilliantly, telling a story perfectly, while showcasing her incredible talent to make a must hear record that the masses will enjoy.

Nina Raquel’s “6yrs” is the type of music that makes people instant and lifetime fans. Everything is done at a high level to make a one of a kind musical experience, that anyone who listens will enjoy.

Check out Nina Raquel “6yrs” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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