Sons of Yusuf x Jay Electronica – Diving For Pearls

Sons of Yusuf x Jay Electronica – Diving For Pearls

“I was born in the warzone”

One of the many things that helped Hip Hop rise to prominence was the message and gems in the music. The music that you heard and left being a better person, with more knowledge from this records filled with gems. That type of music you can still hear from Sons of Yusuf with their latest record “Diving For Pearls” featuring Jay Electronica.

Sons of Yusuf comes together with Jay Electronica to make a record packed infinite soul on the new song “Diving For Pearls”. The focus on the craft is clear, with fluid flows that goes in waves over this hard production. The rapping is supreme with them blessing us with gems throughout their verses, letting everything come together to make a record people can feel, as well as put the culture on notice.

Sons of Yusuf featuring Jay Electronica “Diving For Pearls” is that authentic Hip Hop music that is the glue to the culture. It’s the music that makes you stop and feel, while creating a real experience, with a real message you must acknowledge. This record is an incredible piece of audio that has something special for anyone who presses play.

Check out Sons of Yusuf “Diving For Pearls” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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