Raydale Shamaine – 5 Rings

Raydale Shamaine – 5 Rings

“My instincts too deep to be played a lot”

The task of putting words together on how you feel when you hear a record, seems simple enough, but sometimes you’re just speechless. Sometimes you hear something so incredible, many words come to you all at once that you just get tongue tied. That’s exactly what Raydale Shamaine does on his new song “5 Rings”.

Raydale Shamaine makes a loud statement, as he puts numbers on the board with his new record “5 Rings”. The production sets the tone early, setting a feel where you know something incredible is on the way. Raydale steps right in and gives supreme level emceeing, with a very fine polished flow, that floats on the beat and brings a delivery that is filled with conviction. His pen is on another level with each bar being quote worthy, as he shines brighter than ever on this impressive track.

Raydale Shamaine’s “5 Rings” is an instant classic that you owe it to yourself to hear. It’s an impressive record to start the year off right and lives up to the artwork used for the track, as he gives championship level rapping as it’s finest.

Check out Raydale Shamaine “5 Rings” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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