Global Media EDM Spotify Playlist – 1/30/2020

Global Media EDM Spotify Playlist – 1/30/2020


Caly Paradis, Jonas Bjerre – The Crushing Weight of History (Michael Stein Remix)

Oli Harper – Lifetime

Frizzo, Donkong – Kingpin

Alisky, NUJA, featuring CRONICLE – It’s Okay

Martin Solveig featuring Roy Woods – Juliet & Romeo

Limon Limon, Mattanoll – Wasting Time Mattanoll Remix

Yung ‘n Usls – Don’t Leave Me Again

Madame Gandhi – See Me Thru

TSUNANO – Educational

Tomggg – Misunderstand

Carda, Emily Falvey – Wasted

Rogich – Magic

Funk Machine, Rakan – In My Arms

Discrete, Sistek, Tudor, and Voss – Typo

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