All of the Lights (Artist of the Week) 01/27/2020 – iLL CHiLDREN

All of the Lights (Artist of the Week) 01/27/2020 – iLL CHiLDREN

of the Lights is our way of showcasing the top artist of the month. That artist who embodies musical excellence in either Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, or R&B. There were a lot of amazingly talented individuals, as well groups that were worthy of this honor, but we could only choose one. For the week of January 27th the artist selected is the Hip Hop group iLL CHiLDREN.

This our first time having a two time All of the Lights winner, and iLL CHiLDREN being the first multi time winner is fitting. They are a Hip Hop group consisting of Cleveland producer/rapper combo Chef Plug Pronto & HunterWilliams as well as the St. Louis MC duo TigreNolo (Tigre & Nolo).

With their latest release “16 GUiLLOTiNES” iLL CHiLDREN comes together and delivers an exciting smash of Hip Hop, with this posse cut that gets your out of your seat, for this excellent piece of audio.

This collective has some of the best Hip Hop you will hear present day and they were a clear choice we couldn’t deny.

Congratulations to iLL CHiLDREN on being the All of the Lights Artist of the Week!

Check out the original article on iLL CHiLDREN on their song “16 GUiLLOTiNES” and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!


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