4ndreas – Good Times Ain’t Cheap

4ndreas – Good Times Ain’t Cheap

“You hit that toll, you pay the fee”

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. On this day of bringing you the best content out there, it’s important to make sure everything we post is undeniable. An undeniable record is what you get from 4ndreas on his new song “Good Times Ain’t Cheap”.

4ndreas displays all of his skills to the fullest on his new song “Good Times Ain’t Cheap”. He gives a masterful display of music on this soulful, self produced record. The production is perfect in it’s approach of setting the stage, for 4ndreas heartfelt lyrics that are sharp, and super relatable for the masses to feel.

4ndreas “Good Times Ain’t Cheap” is the right record at the right time. During these times people want something real and music that captures a feel. This record does all of that and more. as he showcases all of his skills, while also making a record that is authentic and with unlimited replay value.

Check out 4ndreas “Good Times Ain’t Cheap” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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