“Shout out to my haters, that will never be compared to me”

Something in Hip Hop that gets people going with excitement is a posse cut. A hot crew bringing all of their members together to make a super dope track, to put on for their group. Those songs are always engaging and a great listen and iLL CHiLDREN’s “16 GUiLLOTiNES” is the latest crew record to add to the list of greats.

The collective iLL CHiLDREN put on in a major way on the new song “16 GUiLLOTiNES”. They come live with dope bars and hard flows over this beat, with a light bounce that works well. They play no games as they deliver, top notch emceeing to seperate themselves from any competition out there with skills that will keep any at bay.

The new record “16 GUiLLOTiNES” by iLL CHiLDREN is the perfect intro to this collective if you haven’t heard them before, and everything you love from them if you’re a familiar fan. The music is hard lyrically, while still being an entertaining and fun record for Hip Hop lovers everywhere to enjoy.

Check out iLL CHiLDREN “16 GUiLLOTiNES” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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