Sasha Renee Featuring Wopsworld – OTW

Sasha Renee Featuring Wopsworld – OTW

“You jingling baby, go head baby”

It’s always nice enjoying range from an artist. Being able to see the different directions they take musically, to give you some dope sounds. We first got to hear Sasha Renee with her “BIG Freestyle”. A song so lyrically dope we had to have her break it down for our Master Pen. With her latest effort she makes a record with mass appeal called “OTW” featuring Wopsworld.

Sasha Renee connects with Wopsworld to provide some major flavor with the new song “OTW”. The collaboration is super swaggy, with them finding the perfect balance of dope lyricism, with a major sound as they craft a record that the masses can vibe to. The production has a nice bounce, that the pair float over to give you music that you want to hear.

Sasha Renee featuring Wopsworld “OTW” is everything a collab is supposed to be. Two minds coming together to make one cohesive amazing sound, that takes the music to a supreme level. It’s everything people want to hear in music, and it’s matched by visuals that make the engagement level rise to the fullest.

Check out Sasha Renee featuring Wopsworld “OTW” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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