Trizz – Everybody’s Target (Official Video)

Trizz – Everybody’s Target (Official Video)

“They keep me in the game, cause they know I got the hook up”

Sports and Hip Hop have been parallel since the beginning of this genre. Athletes and rappers both showing mutual admiration, for each others craft. It’s this mutual admiration that has crafted classic records for sports and music fans to enjoy alike. With Trizz “Everybody’s Target” he gives it up for the Houston Rockets and James Harden.

Trizz brings incredible visuals with his new video for “Everybody’s Target”. The same way he balls with the rhymes, he does in the visuals. Giving you scenes from the court and real life footage to bring his lyrics to life. He’s able to showcase himself as an artist and make something with incredible replay value to enjoy all of the skills displayed.

Trizz “Everybody’s Target” is that commanding Hip Hop, that shows more life for this genre. His dedication to his craft is ever so present on this stellar track, as he hits the mark in every criteria of gold standard emceeing to make a track you need to press play on now.

Check out Trizz “Everybody’s Target” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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