Sea Girls – Ready For More

Sea Girls – Ready For More

“You better get ready for me”

One of the better parts of enjoying music, is having music you’re guaranteed to like. Music that you know before you hit play, you know you’re going to enjoy yourself. That’s what you can expect from Sea Girls especially with their new jam “Ready For More”.

Sea Girls marvel on their new song “Ready For More”. Their signature big sound shines on their latest effort. The production is amazing, instantly enticing you with an amazing sound, that sets up the vocals perfectly to deliver their incredible songwriting, that has a chorus the world can sing along to.

Sea Girls “Ready For More” is the perfect start to 2020 for this incredible band. As they continue to grow, so does their music with each release showcasing their high level of talent. They bring all of their talents to make one cohesive must hear record for the world to enjoy.

Check out Sea Girls “Ready For More” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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