Nickolas Joy – Rockin’

Nickolas Joy – Rockin’

“Studio from 12 to 12”

Creativity is the key for standing out in this game. So many different artists are all fighting to make a name for themselves, but it’s the creatives who always separate themselves from the pack. An incredible talent that has a fresh style is the multi – talented¬†Nickolas Joy with his new song “Rockin'”.

Nickolas Joy is a multi – talented producer and artist who crafts together all of his own original work to make great music. Nickolas excels at both rapping and producing with his new song “Rockin'” being a shining example of that. He rides the self produced track to perfection with plenty of swagger and charisma, as his pen shines with verses packed, with bars that hit in every bar.

Nikcolas Joy’s “Rockin'” is Hip Hop greatness from the production that is exhilarating and infectious, the lyrics that contain the perfect balance of cool and consciousness, and it all comes full circle to make a record with unlimited replay value.

Check out¬†Nickolas Joy “Rockin'” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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