Mash Louis – Enlightenment

Mash Louis – Enlightenment

“It’s deeper than that, and it’s deeper than rap”

One thing that never gets old, is talking about music that is exciting to you. Being able to have fun about music you enjoy. Our first time hearing Mash Louis “Enlightenment” was on our weekly #GlobalWorldWednesdays. The track was beyond impressive and it was a must it be showcased on the site.

Mash Louis puts in work on his new song “Enlightenment”. As soon as the track starts you know you’re in for something great. The piano keys set it off right creating an introspective vibe, that Mash takes full advantage of. The flow is poised, focused, and packs bravado, to deliver his consciously aware lyrics to their rightful destination.

Mash Louis “Enlightenment” does everything right. He shows high skill at every aspect of his craft and all of it comes together just right to make must hear Hip Hop. His presence as an emcee is undeniable and can’t be ignored on this superb record.

Check out Mash Louis “Enlightenment” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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