Jen N Juice – Pushing Concrete

Jen N Juice – Pushing Concrete

“Thought I died, I was rebooting”

When hitting play on a record you never know what to expect. Sometimes you can hear something that’s not favorable, and other times you can hear music that will stop you in your tracks, leaving you in awe and amazement. The latter is what you get from Jen N Juice on the new song “Pushing Concrete”.

Jen N Juice packs lyrical power on her new song “Pushing Concrete”. As soon as the beat drops Jen holds no punches, putting on a lyrical clinic filled with truth as she displays incredible power of this dope production. The flow is just right as it delivers the lyrics with perfect precision to conquer the beat and bring the message home to the listener.

Jen N Juice’s “Pushing Concrete” is that super dope music that shows how amazing Hip Hop can be, when an emcee gives their all. Her approach is brilliant and pays major dividends for this rising talent, as she will make a fan out of anyone who listens.

Check out Jen N Juice “Pushing Concrete” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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