Trizz – Book of Life

Trizz – Book of Life

“Where the G’s at, where I be at”

A quote I love is “The further I get, the further I want to go”. I think the quote fits West Coast emcee Trizz well. He’s been on a tear releasing dope music with growing success with each one. With every reason to coast, he puts his foot on the gas to start the year off right with his new song “Book of Life”.

Trizz is at his finest on his new song “Book of Life”. The production sets the tone right away with an eerie feel that, lets you know Trizz isn’t coming to play. He steps in right away with impressive lyricism and verses filled with infinite quotables to pick from. He has an authenticity that can’t be faked for a second with a realism in his music, some emcees can only wish for to make this record a stand out from this rising talent.

Trizz “Book of Life” is the perfect start to 2020 for this artist. He killed it in 2019 and his first release of the year shows he’s ready to take over all over again as he clicks on all cylinders to make a supreme Hip Hop record.

Check out Trizz “Book of Life” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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