Salt Cathedral – Te Quiero Olvidar

Salt Cathedral – Te Quiero Olvidar

A key for becoming a life long fan of an artist is innovation. How creative and innovative they are determines, how much you can grow with them through their musical career. Salt Cathedral makes their own lane in music, with their new song “Te Quiero Olvidar”. 

Salt Cathedral is truly a record that stops you in your tracks and makes you want to know who this artist is, with this supreme amount of talent. They brilliantly built a story on “Te Quiero Olvidar” around the concept of trying to forget someone who won’t give themselves fully, but also won’t let you leave their life completely. The song’s etheral elements and Caribbean vibes, are match made in heaven with the hypnotic vocals that make this a musical masterpiece.

Salt Cathedral’s “Te Quiero Olvidar” is an amazing record that will make you a fan from your first listen and beyond. They give you superb songwriting and a excellent vocal performance over this stand out production that makes it a winner.

Check out Salt Cathedral “Te Quiero Olvidar” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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