Ripdee x Freddie Gibbs x Cash Lansky – Scooter

Ripdee x Freddie Gibbs x Cash Lansky – Scooter

“Jump in the booth, make a million off of wordplay”

Something that never stops being exciting is a dope music collab. Different artists and producers coming together, to bring their best ideas to make something incredible for the world to hear. These type of collabs make people stop and pay attention, and when you have peoples attention, you have to be on point. The new collab between Ripdee, Freedie Gibbs, and Cash Lansky is super on point with the new song “Scooter”.

Ripdee sets the perfect stage for this rhymefest on the new song “Scooter”. The sound is dark but complimented with drums packed with bounce, to give the perfect balance of music that grabs your attention. Once he sets it up Freddie Gibbs and Cash Lansky knock it out the park with superb rap verses filled with hard lines, that are delivered with conviction to make it all click just how it’s supposed to.

Ripdee, Freddie Gibbs, and Cash Lansky “Scooter” is everything a Hip Hop collaboration should be. They come together to make a super power of music, with each facet of the record being brilliant in it’s own right to stand supreme against other music out there. It’s a must hear record that Hip Hop fans all over should enjoy.

Check out Ripdee, Freddie Gibbs, and Cash Lansky “Scooter” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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