Yung ‘n Usls – Don’t Leave Me Again

Yung ‘n Usls – Don’t Leave Me Again

“There’s no time for regret”

One of the biggest questions in music is “How to capture the masses?”. What music can be made that can be digestible for everyone. The answer is never clear but one of the best ways is making top notch music filled with great melodies that people can feel. That’s what we have on our hands with Yung ‘n Usls new song “Don’t Leave Me Again”.

Yung ‘n Usls is back and better than ever on the new song “Don’t Leave Me Again”. The music is incredible in it’s approach, being able to make music that is creative, while also having infinite mass appeal for fans all over to enjoy. The production is packed with chill vibes that are enjoyable and matched with a vocal performance that helps bring everything full circle.

Yung ‘n Usls “Don’t Leave Me Again” is the perfect start for the incredible talent and the right record for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. If this new jam is any indication on what’s to come for the year, this year will be shining bright for Yung ‘n Usls.

Check out Yung ‘n Usls “Don’t Leave me Again” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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