Jaeo Draftpick – Look at My Drip (Official Video)

Jaeo Draftpick – Look at My Drip (Official Video)

“Drip by the liter, get you a cup”

Music, especially Hip Hop is a forever advancing thing. So many different approaches and tools available to make some dope content for the people. With all the tools something that is missing is engaging records. That music that takes you back to watching MTV Jams all day waiting for the video of the week. That’s everything Jaeo Draftpick gives you on his new video “Look at My Drip”.

Jaeo Draftpick brings fun back to music on his new video “Look at My Drip”. The song itself is already dope and engaging to hear, but with the visuals he ups the bar and puts on a show for people to enjoy. He sells himself as a star providing all the vibes you need to sit you down and makes you pay attention to the talent he brings you, as he doesn’t waste a second giving you everything you need to enjoy yourself to this dope piece of art.

Jaeo Draftpick’s “Look at My Drip” video brings back the magic of music videos. In a time where some question if they’re needed, he gives you all the proof you need that they work well when done right. He matches his great music with great visuals to put this single in it’s rightful place of must hear music.

Check out Jaeo Draftpick “Look at My Drip (Official Video)” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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