B1GJuice – CHAPTER5.joy

B1GJuice – CHAPTER5.joy

“Sometimes I wonder, what happy is”

The thing about an incredible record, is that it doesn’t matter when it drops, or when you hear it. When you hear it you just feel it. No matter what the record just weighs on you and has a presence that can’t be denied. That’s the record that B1GJuice has on his hands with his new song “CHAPTER5. joy”.

B1GJuice shows his brightest skill on his new song “CHAPTER5.joy”. B1GJuice’s ability to rap with conviction and emotion in his delivery works to perfection on his latest effort. His approach filled with so much pain and hunger that you feel every detail of the record, as he paints the picture with his words, that you see it clearly to the point you are there.

B1GJuice’s “CHAPTER5.joy” is him at his finest. He defies the mainstream bounce approach, and gives you a raw piece of art that you must take in to enjoy. The lyrics are perfect at story telling, the flow is hungry, the delivery is heavy, and it’s all over the production that sets the perfect scene for this dope emcee to work.

Check out B1GJuice “CHAPTER5.joy” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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