TITUS – Free Lunch Vol 7

TITUS – Free Lunch Vol 7

“You only gone get as far as God let you”

The word to best describe the start of the year for music is “Madness”. Madness in the sense of, the scene is live, with so many releases dropping from a lot of incredible talent. There’s some new acts trying to make noise, and it’s some talents that have been here and continue to shine. TITUS continues to shine with his latest installment “Free Lunch Vol 7”.

TITUS showcases his greatest strength of lyricism on “Free Lunch Vol 7”. TITUS lyrical skills are reminiscent of the golden age of Hip Hop. That style of Rap where they are more concerned with giving you gems for a lifetime, instead of music that will come and go. His ability to deliver with conviction makes every line stick, with everything having soul to connect and stay with the listener.

TITUS “Free Lunch Vol 7” is an incredible record that’s not only good music, but an accomplishment for this talent emcee for keeping this series at a high standard with every release. If this is your first time hearing him, you will want to catch up on more, and if you’re familiar you’ll be waiting on what’s next.

Check out TITUS “Free Lunch Vol 7” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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