Slim Kofi – Tsunami

Slim Kofi – Tsunami

“I got two iphones, I got two bad shawtys”

Friday’s are all about excellence here at the Global Money World. Bringing you the best content we can find and nothing represents greatness like super dope music to rock to. That music you can get from Slim Kofi with the new song “Tsunami”.

Slim Kofi is here to start 2020 right with his new song “Tsunami”. Slim Kofi brings a saucy rap style and displays all of that in more on this production, that has that light bounce with unlimited vibes, that his songwriting shines perfectly on to make a must hear record for the people.

Slim Kofi’s “Tsunami” is the perfect start to the year for this talented emcee. Slim Kofi shines to the fullestas his song writing and knack for making hits is amazing, riding the wave of this beat with ease, and displaying charisma and bravado of Rap’s biggest stars that make this a stand out hit for a stand out talent.

Check out Slim Kofi “Tsunami” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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