Southside Rich – Irreplaceable

Southside Rich – Irreplaceable

“B**ch I came up off these trap habits”

A thing that makes music stick with you is it’s authenticity. That feel that you know what you’re hearing is all real from an artist that brings, an authenticity to the music that can’t be faked nor duplicated in anyway. That music goes far and an artist with that sound is Southside Rich with his song “Bad Habits” off of his new project “Irreplaceable”.

Southside Rich has a raw style that packs major flavor on his new song “Bad Habits”. The production sets the perfect tone with driving 808’s and keys that compliment each other well, with the bass knocking to make it just right. He steps right in pocket with slick lyrics that slide through the track well, with a flow that adds that extra bounce to make this music an exciting listen as he doesn’t let up for a single second, creating an incredible record.

Southside Rich’s “Bad Habits” is a record that sounds like a soundtrack to the city. That type of sound you can hear coming out of speakers all over. His presence is on full bloom over this record, and gives you every reason to see what else he has to offer in his music. If you take listen you’ll see he has the music you need to add to your collection now.

Check out Southside Rich “Bad Habits” below, as well as his new project “Irreplaceable” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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