Jessie G – No Flex

Jessie G – No Flex

“Flex on, flex off”

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great start to this holiday week and may you enjoy it with people you love. Today is a great day to give back and our part in that is presenting you with great music. That great music has to come from a special artist and that artist is Jessie G, who sees the finish line near for the year, and sprinting full speed ahead while knocking competition over. 

Jessie G plays no games on his new song “No Flex”. He jumps in his bag and gives you fully focused and sharp emceeing at it’s finest. Jessie is able to give you the perfect storm of upper echelon Hip Hop, while still able to craft together digestible music for the masses to make must hear tunes. His pen is beyond his peers, and his flow is unmatched as his talent grows to level one can only hope to achieve.

Jessie G’s “No Flex” is the perfect send off for 2019 and the perfect way to build anticipation for 2020. He’s a master of his skills with this track being the perfect example of that. Everything clicks on this must hear performance for this artist, who never slacks for a single second.

Check out Jessie G “No Flex” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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