Yury – Facts

Yury – Facts

“Don’t do frauds, I do facts”

One of the best parts of the platform, is getting acquainted with talented artists. Seeing them grow and seeing their musical range, with each release. Covering all bases and seeing the ultimate proof of them being the total package. All of that pertains to Yury with his latest release “Facts”.

Yury never slacks with the music and ups the bar with his newest effort “Facts”. Yury sticks his chest out and flexes for his fans all over. The production crafted by him,  has an undeniable bounce, that he grabs by the horns and maneuvers through it with the bravado of stars. The flow is in pocket as it gets, as his lyrics shines, with bravado filled lyrics, that makes it a song you can feel in your chest.

Yury’s Facts” is some of his best work to date, with him tackling musical growth, as well as making something super dope all in the same record. It’s a record that the sky is truly the limit for, with him hitting the mark with his artistry in every facet of music, to make this track a winner in every aspect of the craft.

Check out Yury “Facts” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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