Jance – College Dropout Flow

Jance – College Dropout Flow

“Me and my whole team, we in our own league”

Happy Friday!!! We’ve made it another weekend and another day of excellence. It’s known Fridays is the day we try to send you off, on your weekend right. Bringing you the supreme sounds you need to start your weekend. When we say the best of the best, Grand Rapids own Jance has that, with his new song “College Dropout Flow”.

When College Dropout released in 2004, it was truly a piece of art that captured the world. A soulful sound that made you connect with the story as if it was your own. That’s the feel that Jance captures with his new song “College Dropout Flow”. One of Jance’s strongest skills is his flow. His ability to deliver his lines with conviction, that really make this record a stand out. Every line hits home as he takes off on this soulful production, with lines that are sharp and super relatable with a story for the culture.

Jance’s “College Dropout Flow” is the perfect ode to Kanye’s College Dropout and a dope record for the world to hear. It’s high class Hip Hop as it’s finest, with everything being done at an incredible level to give it an instant classic feel, that gives it replay value for the present and beyond.

Check out Jance “College Dropout Flow” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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