Ant Saunders – Yellow Heart

Ant Saunders – Yellow Heart

“She put my name with yellow hearts”

Nothing is more of a “what’s next” game then music. Everyone keeping and eye out for that next big thing or great artist. It’s one of the factors that make music so much fun to be apart of. The answer isn’t always clear but some things just feel right. The 18 year old talent Ant Saunders, sounds like the next artist you will hear everywhere with the new song “Yellow Hearts”

Ant Saunders crafts together a fun enjoyable record on his new song “Yellow Hearts”. Ant works like a wiz beyond his years on this new tune. The production sets a bright tone with a sound that’s meant for mainstream. He uses his soulful approach to the vocals, and delivers impressive songwriting to make this a sure hit, you will hear everywhere.

Ant Saunders “Yellow Hearts” is what you get when an artist is fearless and lays it all out there for the listener to enjoy. Ant accomplishes making good music for the masses, and showing his high artist skill set to make this a perfect release, for this star on the rise.

Check out Ant Saunders “Yellow Hearts” below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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