Phi11a & Jimmy Duval – How You Been

Phi11a & Jimmy Duval – How You Been

“Smoking Skywalker with a high talker”

It’s amazing how far hip hop has come. it’s has exceeded any barrier that could be placed on it, with hip hop flavor coming from all over the world. Sydney’s own Phi11a shows that high powered rapping can come from anywhere in the world, over this Jimmy Duval beat for the new song “How You Been”

Phi11a brings his A game on the new song “How You Been”. The flow is packed with high energy, and in the lyrics he takes off as he, shows his swaggy approach to the writing to make the record exciting. He brings the right energy over this exhilarating production with the right amount a bass, perfectly crafted by Jimmy Duval as he doesn’t let up for a second on this record.

Phi11a and Jimmy Duval “How You Been” is exciting Hip Hop people love to hear. Everything comes to together to give you gold stand music, as they rock the track from beginning to end. It’s an incredible record that will travel all over the world for people to enjoy.

Check out Phi11a and Jimmy Duval “How You Been” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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