TITUS – Free Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents)

TITUS – Free Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents)

“Rebound like Shaq, I got no reason to frown”

An artist that gives you truth is an artist that you can feel. An artist giving you the real on the mic, with their words and stories that you find the parallels of your own life, and take everything in that’s yours. An artist who does this well and gives you gems is TITUS with Fee Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents).

TITUS is back and keeps it all the way real, giving you music you need on his new song “Free Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents). The lyrics shine as they are packed with gems throughout, being matched with a flow that knows it’s giving out game over this legendary TITUS accompanies this with dope visuals, that brings this track full circle to create a music experience to enjoy in every facet.

TITUS “Free Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents)” is a song for the world to enjoy.  TITUS is stellar at painting a real picture for the people to see, while also showing his skills and bravado as an emcee, that comes together to form a masterpiece. The lyrics are on point, the flow makes it work, and the delivery is filled with conviction to drive the point home.

Check outĀ TITUSĀ “Free Lunch Vol.6 (Dead Presidents)” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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