Jaeo Draftpick – No Thotties

Jaeo Draftpick – No Thotties

“Cause these h*es like feds, trying to build a case”

Friday’s are all about excellence here at the Global Money World. Bringing you the best content we can find and nothing represents greatness like Jaeo Draftpick. Dropping incredible music with every release and his new song “No Thotties” is another dope song from a doper artist.

Jaeo Draftpick was previously on the site with his song “Look at my Drip”  and is back to warm up this winter season with his new fire “No Thotties”. Jaeo is known for his saucy rap style and displays all of that and more on this production that’s packed with bass, as he gives you game you need to hear in music audio form.

Jaeo Draftpick’s “No Thotties” is another amazing record to help send the year off right for this talented emcee. Jaeo‘s style gets better with every release as his skills and knack for making music people want to heat on display, riding the wave of this beat with ease, and displaying charisma and bravado that make this a stand out hit for a stand out talent.

Check out Jaeo Draftpick “No Thotties” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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