Oli Harper- Lifetime

Oli Harper- Lifetime

“Are you ready for a lifetime”

It’s hard to get on cohesive answer on what a good record is. Everyone can have a different opinion but no one can deny a smash. A record that your hear and know you’re paying witness to something incredible happening. That’s what you get from Oli Harper on the new song “Lifetime”.

Oli Harper is a master of making people move with the new song “Lifetime”. He shows us just how talented he is. Making a bright production filled with melodies and grooves, that melt you to the dance floor. The vocal performance adds a special touch that takes it to another level of musical prowess for the world to enjoy.

Oli Harper’s “Lifetime” is that next smash record you need to hear now. The music displays the perfect balance of creative exciting energy, great writing, and a melodic tone that connects everything over this amazing production. It’s a smash delivered for the world to enjoy limitlessly.

Check out Oli Harper’s “Lifetime” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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