Mark Akol featuring KA$H – Like Yeezy

Mark Akol featuring KA$H – Like Yeezy

“I’m in love with that sh*t”

When Kanye West “Yeezus” dropped the sound of the music was polarizing. It was music that stopped time. That feel of the music was captivating and made old fan and new fans admire alike. This new song by Mark Akol featuring KA$H has that same feel with his new song “Like Yeezy”.

Mark Akol and KA$H really encompasses the feeling of Kanye in his golden days on his new song “Like Yeezy”. The music is exciting and fast paced, as they really drive the beat with a intense flow and maneuver through the track perfectly dropping an arsenal of hard and consciously aware lyrics through out this track.

Mark Akol’s featuring KA$H “Like Yeezy” is the music that keeps people moving. The sound is big and Mark‘s presence is bigger. It’s a smashing record and sounds like superstar music that is meant to pack stadiums. They show their mastering of making incredible music with skills that shine in a major way!

Check out Mark Akol featuring KA$H “Like Yeezy”  and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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