Prime Society featuring Kidd Friendly – Sensei (Official Video)

Prime Society featuring Kidd Friendly – Sensei (Official Video)

“If you lucky then I’ll call you back soon”

There’s nothing better than collective minds coming together to master an idea. In many things in life collaboration is key, especially music. From the beginning of Hip Hop, it’s always been about people coming together to make the best music possible. This collective out of Phoenix Prime Society come together to create a song that’s dripping sauce to the floor with their new song “Sensei”.featuring Kidd Friendly.

Prime Society and Kidd Friendly create a track that is super dope and exciting, as the they float all over this hard production that knocks out your speaker to get you moving. They are truly masterful with the flow that is fluid and well polished,  and their rhymes are slick and filled with bravado, as each line is delivered in a swaggy way that make this track an enticing listen.

Prime Society’s “Sensei” featuring Kidd Friendly is a record that keeps on giving and just in time for a day to be thankful. The title is fitting as the way that they kick it being on display and having excitement at every turn for the people to enjoy.

Check out Prime Society featuring Kidd Friendly “Sensei” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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