Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful

Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful

“Blame it on us, blame it on me”

There’s so much music out there and s many way to take it in. With all of the music out there it’s always the music that is relatable that sticks with you the most. That music that you can play and hear everything you need to get you through or get by for another day. That type of music takes high skill to pull off but Dennis Lloyd has all the skill anyone can need or ask for on his new song “Unfaithful”.

Dennis Lloyd gives you music that reals on his new song “Unfaithful”. The production sets the perfect tone with a nice guitar melody that is matched with hard drums too give it a funky feel, that makes your head nod as he steps in delivers his incredible songwriting. The lyrics are delivered just write with his amazing vocals that you can feel with the perfect tone of vulnerability to take in the story telling in the writing.

Dennis Lloyd’s “Unfaithful” is must hear music by a must hear artist. The musicianship is high class and everything that makes a great record. The vocal performance drives the point home, the production is amazing, and the writing is poetic in it’s approach to make a record you need to hear now.

Check out Dennis Lloyd “Unfaithful” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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