Electric Guest – 1 4 ME (Yuksek Remix)

Electric Guest – 1 4 ME (Yuksek Remix)

“You’re the one for me”

There’s more music out than it’s ever been but with all the music out, there seems to be a void of feel good music. Music that sounds good to ears and makes you want to get up and dance. If you need that void filled hit play now on Electric Guest’s “1 4 Me” Remix by Yuksek.

Yuksek creates a modern day music art piece filled with bright lights on the remix of Electric Guest’s “1 4 Me”. It’s truly brilliant making an infectious groove that takes you back to Disco days at Studio 54, with people all over the world dancing to the magic crated. The sound is big and creative for this high level of production, that has magic vocals that deliver, jamming lyrics.

Electric Guest’s “1 4 Me (Yuksek Remix)” is an undeniable sound of audio that shows that dance is more alive than it’s ever been. The feeling and place the music takes you is everything that makes people fall in love with music. The feeling of it makes it a real thing that will have you rocking forever. 

Check out Electric Guest “1 4 Me (Yuksek Remix)” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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