Wyatt Coleman – Stuck in Traffic (Prod by Donato)

Wyatt Coleman – Stuck in Traffic (Prod by Donato)

“You drift away in my arms”

Artist are more powerful then they’ve ever been. Artist are able to control their narrative, which in turns mean controlling their own destiny. Any artist that is truly daring enough, can not only control the way they make music but also how it will be received by their fans. An artist with no fear and no bounds is Wyatt Coleman. A multi – talented who always has something fresh and new for the listener and with his new song “Stuck in Traffic” he gives you all that you need.

Wyatt Coleman does everything he’s famous for on his new song “Stuck In Traffic”. The track is most reminiscent of our first time hearing him on his song “When I’m With You”. The production by Donato sets the perfect tone with keys that have a dark elegance to them that Wyatt, does his signature style over, giving you incredible lyricism in a writing style like Static Major, with great wordplay you can feel and understand. 

Wyatt Coleman’s “Stuck In Traffic” the perfect song at the perfect time. It’s the music that is the soundtrack to that thing is that just wants to get away, and vibe out with someone. The production is the perfect stage, for Wyatt to bring his vision to life on this just hear track for a must hear artist.

Check out Wyatt Coleman “Stuck In Traffic” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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