Phé – wtv, it’s cool

Phé – wtv, it’s cool

“Me, I’m doing okay”

The most important thing with the content posted is finding that next thing. Finding the dopest music out there of the present and the future, that will last the test of time. Sometimes it’s a tough challenge but no matter how tough it is, hearing that right song makes it all worth it. Phé has the right song with her new record “wtv, it’s cool”.

Phé is an incredible artist with the sounds you needs to hear. Phé takes a very introspective approach on “wtv, it’s cool”, as she brilliantly articulates her journey in this digital world. The music is on point and Phé’s vocal approach is the perfect combination of soul and rhythm that makes for an exciting listen.

Phé‘s “wtv, it’s cool” is new age soul music at it’s finest, as she gives her genius to the world to enjoy. Phé’lyrics are truly poetic, the vocal performance rides the waves of the production perfectly, and it all comes together to make a masterpiece. 

Check out Phé “wtv, it’s cool” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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