Milian Beatz x Skippa Da Flippa

Milian Beatz x Skippa Da Flippa

“Bigger bands, newer Benz””

One great creative mind can make noise and really make a great piece of work, but when innovative minds come together it really can create something, that is truly game changing and beyond words. The collaboration between Milian Beatz and Skippa Da Flippa is everything that music is all about with the new song “F-Type”.

Milian Beatz and Skippa Da Flippa come together to give you a track that is overflowing with sauce with the new song “F-Type”. The performance is on another planet, as they command your attention with a style that flexes an extreme amount of bravado and charisma, that carries the track to it’s dopest destination with ease. The flows is infectious over this hard production, that’s you can hear blaring out of speakers worldwide. 

Milian Beatz and Skippa Da Flippa “F-Type” is one of the flyest songs you will hear in these times. This pair clicks on another level to make great music. From the wavy flow, wavier lyrics, dope production, and the braggadocios style on the mic, it all comes full circle to make a must hear

Check out Milian Beatz and Skippa Da Flippa “F-Type” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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