Stilljune x Eklipz – Small

Stilljune x Eklipz – Small

Play around, red dot ya brain”

What makes music real is the level that you feel it. Music that pulls emotion can be considered soul music. A rapper who makes music you can consider street soul music is Stilljune. An incredible talent that flexes on every track, while still kicking knowledge in a digestible way to give you gems each time, he drops. With his latest release he gets his hands dirty on the new song “Small” featuring Eklipz.

Stilljune links with Eklipz to make a must hear banger on the new song “Small”. It’s beyond a dope record but an anthem to make you get on your grind, with a dope introspective approach that flexes super hard, with lyrics that you feel in your chest, and match with hard flows filled with conviction to drive it home and make you feel every word they give to the people to make the world stand up for the amazing music you’re hearing.

Stilljune featuring Ekilpz “Small” is a hard track that you need to have bumping out your speakers. It’s powerful and commanding with undeniable from this pair of emcees, who are ready to conquer the world on this impressive record from Stilljune’s new project “11 4 11 New Life”.

Check out Stilljune featuring Eklipz “Small” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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