Two Feet – BBY

Two Feet – BBY

Some of the best music you can hear is when an artist shows their range. Being daring in their approach to let their creativity shine to make, music that you need to hear. It’s that music that grows your admiration for the artist’s work, and that’s what Two Feet gives you on his new song “BBY”

Two Feet laces up an incredible production for “BBY” that showcases his wide range of talent that will take him to superstar status. The work ha s a special sound equipped with EDM grooves, with the perfect touch of Rock influence that makes it a must hear jam full of melodies that will make you move.

Two Feet’s “BBY” is an undeniable record that shows just how creative he can be musically. It’s not only an amazing record but a record with true musicianship. From the brilliant production, and masterful grooves executed at a supreme level to make a great listen.

Check out Two Feet “BBY” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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