Michael Nobody – 30 Hours Freestyle

Michael Nobody – 30 Hours Freestyle

“Full house but I keep a lone soul”

The best part about growing as a platform, is being able to grow along with the artists as well. A lot of amazing artists come our way and it’s incredibly dope to see them grow and get better with every release. A favorite is Michael Nobody who performed at this year’s Free Sons Fest and on his latest release “30 Hours Freestyle” he steps in his bag and gives a classic.

Michael Nobody steps in drops a track that’s filled with skill and soul on his new “30 Hours Freestyle”. Michael is poised and focused with the flow that makes his presence commanding, as you can feel the controlled energy coming out the speakers every second of the record. He is equally impressive with the rhymes with his timing with each line, making the ultimate sense, giving you lines you can feel, as he gives his truth with no filler in his verses.

Michael Nobody’s “30 Hours Freestyle” is everything you want to hear when you press play on a record. The rapping is extremely sharp and focused, as he knows how to take control of this Kanye beat, and gives you a grade A display of Hip Hop skills that are must hear.

Check out Michael Nobody “30 Hours Freestyle” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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