Black Kenn talks “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2” and What’s Next for this Incredible Talent

Black Kenn talks “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2” and What’s Next for this Incredible Talent

Hip Hop music present day is all about singles. Artist just giving you on song at a time to fall in love with instead of the days of classic mixtapes where an artist, would give you a cohesive body of work to get familiar with them. In order to get people invested in a whole project it has to be super dope, it has to be spicy and Black Kenn has that sound with his “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2”. 

The project is overflowing with sauce, with his super raw sound that sounds like the soundtrack for the Midwest. Black Kenn was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us on his new body of work. Below is the interview.

Who is Black Kenn the artist?

Black KENN the artist is groovy, unique and refreshing. 

How did you come up with the name of the project “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2”

My brother Gustoo produced the whole album and this project came about with our fascination with classic scary movies and dark trap sounding beats. This also the 2nd installment of my very first mixtape. 

What were some of the influences for “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2” and how did you incorporate that into the music?

We watched a lot of scary movies while making the tape. A lot of the music influences would be old Memphis underground music, dipset, we listened to a lot of old old school jams and St. Louis definitely had a heavy impact on the feels of the tape. This project had 5 beats with samples as well, we tried to make things interesting. 

The project had some great features that added value to the songs. How did you pick the features?

The features came from the people around me and people doing they thing around the Midwest. I wanted to bring different voices together that would represent our area as well as give new creative feels to the project. 

What was your favorite part of creating “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2”

My favorite part of creating this tape is the two female features we had on there. Women are killing the industry right now and I’m a huge supporter of it so I made sure I had two great features and they both killed their verses! 

Did you run into any challenges creating this project? If so how did you over come them?

We definitely ran into some technical difficulties when it came down to the final mix and master and reaching the deadline. With the help of my boy L at Unlabeled studios and a few overtime hours we were able to pull it off. 

How do you think people will look back on this project years from now?

This is my 7th overall project so years from now people will look back at this as a classic from me and Gustoo. This project shows our growth and a matured version of our sound that we are uniquely cultivating. 

What’s next for Black Kenn?

Who knows what’s next just make sure you stay tuned! Black Kenn checked in and I checked out!

Check out Black Kenn “Nightmare on Gustoo Street 2” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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