Frank Arcadio – Para Siempre

Frank Arcadio – Para Siempre

Happy Tuesday!!! We hope you all are starting off the week right and have been able to enjoy the sweet pleasures of life. Today is all about excellence trying to give you the very best we can find. A special thank you is in order for Frank Arcadio for keeping that true with his latest cover of Javier San Roman’s “Para Siempre”

Taking on a record is tough challenge, but Frank Arcadio steps up to the challenge and creates a stellar piece with “Para Siempre”. It’s truly a fresh and energetic take on this record to create some of the best music out there, you will hear present day with everything coming together to magic to do the song justice. Frank’s take is daring and pays major dividends for this special artist who has mastered his craft.

Frank Arcadio’s cover of Javier San Roman’s “Para Siempre”  is an incredible track that shows that there is still plenty of creativity to put into music. The good energy the music produces, is everything that makes people fall in love with music, making it an exciting groove you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out Frank Arcadio “Para Siempre” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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