17FOREVR -Pressure

17FOREVR -Pressure

“Money too long need stretchers”

Everyone listens to music for different reasons. Some listen to music to think and some listen to music to feel something. If you’re looking for that music that you can feel and will make you move, then you owe it to yourself to hear that new song from 17FOREVR that has that bounce called “Pressure”.

17FOREVR gives you a track that is overflowing with sauce with his new song “Pressure”. The performance is on another planet, as he commands your attention with his style that flexes an extreme amount of bravado and charisma, that carries the track to it’s dopest destination with ease. The flow is infectious as he rides the waves of this production, while spitting fly lines in every bar that makes this song undeniable.

17FOREVR’s “Pressure” is the flyest song you will hear in these times. 17FOREVR sounds like a star and he shines in every aspect of his craft. From the wavy flow, wavier lyrics, and his braggadocios style on the mic, it”s hard not to be a fan of his work.

Check out 17FOREVR “Pressure” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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