Sasha Renee – BIG Freestyle

Sasha Renee – BIG Freestyle

“Give you the powers of Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron, you still couldn’t play me”

There’s never a clear answer for what real music is. It’s truly a thing that’s subjective to the listener, but a real artist may be a little clearer. When you hear a artist, you should feel their presence through the speakers, a power that commands your attention, and makes you buy in to their artistry. That’s exactly what you get from Sasha Renee on her “BIG Freestyle”.

Sasha Renee hold no punches on her new song “BIG Freestyle”. She doesn’t let the track breathe for single second before she lays into with a pen that must’ve glowed, as it hit the pad while she crafted together these super dope lyrics that leave you in awe. Her flow is polished as she oozes confidence, and maneuvers through this production with pure magic, bending her flow every which way she chooses to make an instant classic.

Sasha Renee’s “BIG Freestyle” is a statement that the world hears loud and clear. The skills displayed our beyond any critique one can have, with her undeniable talent being on full bloom in not only the music but the visuals to let you know she’s here and ready to change the game.

Check out Sasha Renee “BIG Freestyle” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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