Mike G – This One (Official Video)

Mike G – This One (Official Video)

“If it’s chicks, I keep me a list to pick from”

One of the greatest joys of music is getting a music video for one of your favorite songs from an artist. That song you’ve been playing that now has a picture painted just for you to see. That’s what Mike G gives on his new video “This One” off of his “EXILE” project.

Mike G makes a super cool video for his super cool song “This One”. Mike has a lyrically slick style that is on full bloom on this record. It’s a type of cool that takes you back to Lupe Fiasco’s “Gold Watch”. Getting dope lyrical content from an emcee that doesn’t have to sell the fly, but it sells itself in every line. The flow is wavy as it floats in air over this chill production, with the right bounce for you to let your shoulders hang and feel the cool of this record.

Mike G’s “This One” is everything that made music videos fun to watch.The video is just as creative as the record with it being entertaining every second, while enjoying  the bravado of Mike G on this creative piece of art he blesses us with. If you need to find your spark for loving Hip Hop in every way check out this video and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Check out Mike G “This One” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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