Justin Christopher – Have Had

Justin Christopher – Have Had

“Pressure been on since yesterday”

A lot of talent comes our way. A lot of music to take in digest and become fond of. With everything that comes some artists you just become a fan of as if you them personally. Being able to grow with them and have a front row seat to their musical journey. One of those artists is Justin Christopher who has shown his creative flavor with us since “Ufos and Rainbow Children”. Now he’s back with his latest release “Have Had”.

Justin Christopher has always been innovative in his approach with “Have Had” being evidence of this fact”. The music is beautiful, soulful, and daring, as he boasts his creativity for the listener and blending different genres and elements together to create fresh music like the world has never heard. Justin’s rapping is more fluid than ever as he masters his sound, with him being lyrically together to tell a story to the fullest, with an amazing hook to bring it all together.

Justin Christopher’s “Have Had” is everything you want from an artist. He has an original sound that works magic and his willingness to take chances pays off majorly, to create one of a kind music you must come to him for to hear his special sound.

Check out Justin Christopher “Have Had” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends.

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