Jay Gudda – JOHNNY

Jay Gudda – JOHNNY

“Never got down and dirty, but swear they keep the sweeper”

Making music is about making a statement, especially Hip Hop music. Staking claim as a real emcee whose skills can hang with the best. That’s what Jay Gudda does on his new song “JOHNNY” that makes a statement loud and clear.

Jay Gudda gives you everything that you love from him on “JOHNNY” with his high powered flow that’s accelerating and exciting, as he fires off his incredible lyrical content every time he delivers a line over this production, that is just as intense as him on the mic. Jay has a commanding presence and has a style that engages you from beginning to end as you wait in amazement to see what he will do next.

Jay Gudda’s “JOHNNY” is nothing short of amazing, as he takes control and really shines as he let’s it be known he’s a force as an emcee on this incredible track. The flow is relentless, the bars are super raw, and the production is just right to make this an amazing record with unlimited replay value.

Check out Jay Gudda “JOHNNY” below as well as follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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