Hero The Band – Trouble In My Mind (Official Video)

Hero The Band – Trouble In My Mind (Official Video)

“Running out of time”

Music is forever changing and evolving. With a lot of change, comes a lot of questions. One of the biggest questions are if music videos are watched or even needed in present times. In order for an artist to showcase themselves truly as the stars they are a music video is essential, and must be engaging and entertaining to make replay value. That’s exactly what Hero The Band gives you for their new video for “Trouble In My Mind”

Hero The Band turns their must hear record to a must see video with their official video for “Trouble In My Mind”. It’s fun and exciting, as it takes you to the days of waking up early just to catch music video on MTV. The video grabs you in and makes you hear the amazing sound of this talented collective, as they make must hear music.

Hero The Band “Trouble In My Mind” is everything music is and should be. The music is creative and innovative, with their own sound being on full bloom. The production is beyond great, the lyrics tell an incredible story, and the right vocal performance that delivers the message perfectly, that makes this record superb.

Check out Hero The Band “Trouble In My Mind” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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